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Royal Holiday Travel Club – Beware

Last February we were in the Bahamas and got suckered into attending a time share presentation for Royal Holiday.  I guess we got a free lunch and free Para-sailing, so it wasn’t a total loss and we have been thinking about buying a timeshare for quite some time anyway.

The presentation wasn’t the worst one we have been to.  The pressure wasn’t too bad to buy.  We just kept saying no and they kept adding stuff to the deal.  What ended up selling us on the deal was:

  1. A free 2 week trip back to the Bahamas valid for 2 years.
  2. 2 weeks per year free at one of their Resorts in Mexcio every year for 5 years.

Up until those 2 things were added we were not interested.  We ended up buying the package and looked forward to our first trip to Mexico as a family.  We have enough travel points to fly us there and the hotel was free, or so we were lead to believe.

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