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Our Baby…

And finally you meet the baby.  C is our youngest, 8 years old, and our miracle.  I feel like I have always been surrounded by miracles…I had an awesome childhood, my sister is my best friend, I met the man of my dreams.  The miracles didn’t stop there.  I was lucky enough to meet a man who had two adorable little girls that were 1 and 2.  Adorable is not even the right word, they were both downright gorgeous!!  I thank God every day that he blessed me with these girls…you have already met them in the last two post.  My daughters are my life.

How could you not love those faces!  Some of you may ask about their mother and some day we will talk about it, but let us get back to my baby now!  He is our miracle.  We tried for many years to get pregnant and one day we did.  Using modern day technology we were able to get pregnant…with twins.  Twin boys!  We were over the moon…two girls and now two boys.  And just 23 weeks into my pregnancy my water broke.  I managed to hang on for 5 more days before the boys were born….4 months too early.  I can’t even begin to explain the worry and anxiety unless you have been there.  The way that people walk around you just to avoid having to ask how your new babies are.  The way that you leave the hospital every night empty handed when you know that the majority of new mothers walk out elated.  I remember coming home to be with Richard and the girls and feeling so much guilt over leaving the boys there.  Nine days after they were born, our first born son, Devon, passed away.  I believe that day that he took a piece of my heart with him when he went.  I truly believe that he knew love surrounded him.  C managed to hang on and we prayed that he would stay with us.  He was so little, 1 lb. 2 ozs., and at his lowest all the way down to 14 ozs.  Every day was a miracle and we knew it.  The little boy you see below spent 6.5 months in the NICU and Childrens hospital before he came home.  He only came home because he received a tracheostomy, feeding tube and full time oxygen support.  We lived with a trach for 2355 days (over 6 years) and on May 4, 2009 after successful tracheal reconstruction, the trach was removed.  The boy you see below is academically on track, is witty and funny, caring and most of all….healthy!!  Like I said….he is our miracle. 


Middle child syndrome

I know some people say they have middle child syndrome.  I think there is definitely something to that!  Our middle child, D, is just what they say a middle child is like.  She is eccentric and crazy and will do just about anything to be the center of attention!  Her sense of humor keeps us laughing all the time.  D has an amazing sense of style and will wake up 3 hours before school just to pick her outfit and do her hair just right.  She loves to bake…I blame her for the extra weight I seem to enjoy carrying around!!  I guess it isn’t her fault that I love to eat and she is just too good at baking!  She is a beautiful girl, inside and out!  And luckily…she loves to travel with us…as long as T is coming too!  It’s a vicious circle!

Backing up a bit.

So I figured that at some point I should back up a bit and introduce myself.  Hi…my name is Tanya.  I live in Canada.  That might explain why we like to travel.  It is cold here for most of the year and I love nothing more than getting away from snow and laying on a beach.

I didn’t always love to travel…mostly because as a child, we didn’t travel.  My parents are not the travelling kind.  The farthest I had ever gone was over the border in the United States to do “back to school” shopping!   When I tell people one of Richard and I’s first dates, they laugh.  I mean, I had been on some weird dates before (one boyfriend took me to a cemetery) but I had never been one place and I asked him to take me.  So we packed up the car for a little day trip and he took me straight to the….airport.  I just wanted to see it and luckily he liked me enough to keep up with my quirks!  I guess you could say that was when I knew he was a keeper!

Why we love to travel…

Alberta in December

This picture was taken about 10 minutes from my house in Alberta, Canada.  Looks cold doesn’t it?  I think so too.  Some people criticize us for travelling so much and I always have a difficult time explaining why we get away as often as we can.  Well this picture about sums it all up.  Canada is a great country, but the climate sucks!

Needing ideas!

Good evening everyone!  So my sister calls me the other night and lets me know that her family is planning a family trip for Christmas 2011.  I wondered if she was just telling me or if I was going to be invited.  Was super excited when she mentioned it might be a nice big family Christmas trip.  Now this is where I need the ideas!  Where do we go??  We are two families of five looking for a great deal on an all inclusive resort.  Tall orders….I know!  Feel free to post and give me some of your great ideas!

Hello Vegas and Disneyland!

Our family went on a trip to Disneyland about 5 years ago.  Our youngest daughter loved California Adventure.  Ever since then she has wanted to go back.  For the last year we have been promising her to go back.  It worked out that we could only get away the week of August 6, so we started researching.  We found that if we drove to Great Falls Montana and flew Allegiant Air we would save approximately $1500.  The savings on our flights more than paid for our food and hotels for the rest of the trip.

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