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Tanya and I are taking a trip to Las Vegas at the beginning of March, 2011. We are flying out of Great Falls, Montana on Allegiant Air.

Our flight leaves at 11am, so we decided to stay in Great Falls the night before. I started trying to bid on hotel rooms using and was unable to get a price accepted much below retail, so I gave up and reserved a room for $87 per night and forgot about it until today.

I logged into priceline and searched rooms in Great Falls. The usual results showed up with most of the rooms being around $95 per night. I put a bid in for a room at $51 for a 2 1/2 star hotel. To my surprise my bid was accepted for a 3 start hotel (Holiday Inn). This just shows how prices change from day to day. Three days ago, none of my bids were successful and today my much lower bid was accepted. I am sure I could have gotten an even lower price, but at the time I wasn’t expecting $51 to be accepted.

Holiday Inn Great Falls

When booking a hotel room it is a good idea to reserve a room at retail price, making sure it can be cancelled if need be. Since you now have a backup plan you can be patient and bid on Priceline to get the rate you want without worrying about beings stuck sleeping in your car. Many times you get the best deals the week before you need the room as hotels will sometimes lower their prices to fill the rooms at the last minute.

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