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The last couple of days between parenting, housework and everything else, I have spent all my time researching what we should do in Vegas.  Besides our tour at Zappos, I want us to do something different that we normally wouldn’t do if the kids were with us.  I have discovered that there are endless amounts of things to do.  There is skydiving, ziplining, shows, comedy clubs, you name it…it is in Las Vegas. 

Right now there is this completely touristy thing…ziplining down Fremont Street.  If you want to zipline and not leave the city, this is the place.  You go down an 800 foot line right under the canopy of lights on Freemont Street.  The cost is very good too…$15 during the day and $20 at night.  Not bad for something different and entertaining!!   The website is

We also want to go and see some shows.  We have been to Vegas at least 5 times and have only ever gone to one show.  I have heard all good things about every one of the Cirque Du Soleil shows especially “O”.  The only problem is that if you are trying to travel on a budget, shows can get very pricey!  For “O” adult tickets can run anywhere between $100 and $165 per person. 

Richard thought the Richard Petty Driving Experience looked pretty cool and when I looked at the reviews, everyone said that it was well worth the cost.  It can range anywhere from $99 (ride along for 3 laps) to $3500 ( 40 laps of intense driving).  If you are a true NASCAR lover, they say that this experience is well worth your time and money.

One thing that we have done that I would do again is the Bodies exhibit at the Luxor.  It costs $32 per adult, but well worth it if the human body fascinates you.  There are many full bodies and over 200 organ specimens that are meticulously preserved so that you can see what the inside of your body truly looks like.  It also showcases healthy lungs versus “smoking” lungs and other diseases and illnesses.  If you have a child who is at all looking into pursuing the medical field, this would be the perfect place to take them.  And since we are staying at the Luxor this trip, I may just check it out again!

And I think….just for fun….Richard and I will go to Minus5 for a drink.  It is a cool (very cool) bar that keeps its temperature at minus 5 degrees C.  Everything in the bar is made of ice…the bar, the chairs, the tables, even the glasses.  When you go in, you get a parka, boots and gloves and in you go for a special little cocktail!!  You know, it’s for us Canadians that are feeling homesick!!

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