I am going to get my hair cut tomorrow.  I have yet to decide what I am going to do with this hair.  I believe that I have tried every style and color that is possible…there was this one time I even tried green.  Of course it wasn’t on purpose but when a person is going to Las Vegas for the first time and constantly battles gray hair, it is a problem.  So off I went to the drug store to pick up a box color and thought a nice ash brown would suit me.  I lovingly convinced Richard that he was a chosen hairstylist and he managed to get the color on my hair.  And then the wait…10 minutes, 20 minutes….for stubborn gray….30 minutes.  I washed it, dried it, looked in the mirror and cried.  We were leaving for Vegas that night at 7 pm with a large group of friends and my hair….was green!  Very green!!  I booked an emergency appointment with a random hairdresser…I refused to go to Vegas with green hair.

When I got to the salon, she told me I had two choices.  Strip the color and re-color it, or hack it all off.  Really??  Well duh…strip it off.  But she says “it should only take about 5 hours….”  uh huh…we were leaving in 3.  It is a good thing that I have hair that grows fast and I really have no problem hacking it off because that is what we did!  I got to go to Vegas with a cute (ugh) little short cut!  Note to self : When leaving on holidays…color your hair at least a week in advance.

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