Second Place

I remember when I was in elementary school.  Every year around my birthday my school would host a track and field day.  I was shorter…yes, shorter than I am now!  And any short people know that we also have extremely short legs.  Track and field day was not my friend.  But every year I would get up early, eat a good breakfast and wait patiently for the school bus.  I would climb on and pray the whole way there for just one first place ribbon…just one. 

I have decided that step-parenting is a lot like those days of track and field.  There is always a wish to be in first place.  To be the parent that is the first one the kids go to whenever there is a need for something.  Most mothers would read this and wonder what in the world I was talking about…for them, there is never a feeling of competition.  And I would think that every step-mother is sitting there shaking her head up and down knowing exactly what I am talking about. 

Let me tell you the difference between step-parenting and track and field.  During parenting when you come to a day when you realize that you just came in second, you find that your mom is not there to hug you and tell you she is proud of you.  You are the parent now and you realize that it still hurts to be in second place.

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