Proud Moments…

I have discovered that not all “proud moments” belong to your own offspring.  There are times when you look at someone else’s child and feel a rush of pride for something they have accomplished.  I remember when my sister gave birth to her first daughter…I swear that I cried more than she did.  I held that little pink girl in a blanket and felt an overwhelming sense of pride.  This was my neice.  She was perfect and beautiful and I knew then that I would love her like my own until the end of time. 

 Then my sister went off and had a baby boy…a perfect round baby boy.  Cody and I went to Saskatchewan a couple of weekends ago to attend B’s hockey game.  Not just any hockey game…the Provincial playoffs!!  Of course he is now a young man of almost 14!!  What a moment when he threw his stick to the ice and braced for the onslaught of his teammates as they took the win!  A pure moment of pride.

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