General Reviews…

Last February we were in the Bahamas and got suckered into attending a time share presentation for Royal Holiday. I guess we got a free lunch and free Para-sailing, so it wasn’t a total loss and we have been thinking about buying a timeshare for quite some time anyway.

The presentation wasn’t the worst one we have been to. The pressure wasn’t too bad to buy. We just kept saying no and they kept adding stuff to the deal. What ended up selling us on the deal was:

  1. A free 2 week trip back to the Bahamas valid for 2 years.
  2. 2 weeks per year free at one of their Resorts in Mexcio every year for 5 years.

Up until those 2 things were added we were not interested. We ended up buying the package and looked forward to our first trip to Mexico as a family. We have enough travel points to fly us there and the hotel was free, or so we were lead to believe.

It is now the following October (2010) and we thought we better book our trip. The plan was to book it for February 2011. I phone the number they gave us and found out that it was no problem that they had lots of space at several of the resorts. “Great lets book it” I thought. I told the lady on the other end of the line which resort we were looking at and she said “No problem, I will book you 2 rooms for a week. The all inclusive portion is going to be $80 US per night per person.” I read our contract and found no mention of any extra charges for the all inclusive protion and were told at the presentation it was included.

Figure that out for 5 people for 7 nights would be $2800 US. After a small argument on the phone, I decided to check what the price was on Expedia. For the exact same resort it was $3500 CAD, for 2 rooms to accommodate all 5 of us, which makes our 5 years Mexico trips virtually worthless. The only consolation is that there is only 1 all inclusive resort in the Bahamas, so that part of the deal should be ok.

My wife, Tanya, is amazing at researching things. I am sure she has reached the end of the internet before. If there is something out there to be found she will find it. If we had seen some of the reviews of Royal Holiday, we wouldn’t have bought. The problem is we didn’t have internet access in our resort, so were unable to check them out online. The moral of the story is: “Do not believe a thing they tell you at the sales presentation. They will say anything to get you to buy.”

Check this 20/20 video out: