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10 Things About Me…

Well if you were ever curious to learn 10 new things about me…here you go!

1) I strongly dislike cooked fruit!  Even in this….2) I was never allergic to anything as a kid, but now that I am “old” I am allergic to cats!!

3) If I knew I could carry a baby to full term I would have a whole bunch more!!  Well, except that my hubby thinks he is old!!

4) I love to read!! 

5) I hate water….not swimming in it…I hate drinking it!!  I am a diet pepsi junkie!

6) I love to travel.  Hence the title of the blog!

7) I’m a texter!  Guilty!  I would rather text than talk on the phone most days!

8 ) I am a flu phobic…when someone in the house is sick I break out the lysol wipes!!  I lysol everything!  I love lysol wipes!

9) I am a completely disorganized person…and I do wish I was a tiny bit organized!

10) I have a hard time thinking of 10 things about myself!!  I just discovered this!!

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