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Underwear for travellers!

There is an article on usatoday.com that I found something very travel related!!  There is a man in the States who has started a clothing line for travellers.  The shirts have stars over where the breasts are and there are designs over any “private” area.  The object is to blur your private parts when you go through the full body scanners!  Very interesting…and I am very interested to know if it would work or not.  And I also wonder if the person behind the computer doing the scanning really cares or not what is under your underwear!  Does he/she really have time to worry about it?  Maybe I am just different in not really caring what goes on in security as long as I am headed to a beach!!  If you want to know more…head over to usatoday.com and check it out!!

Backing up a bit.

So I figured that at some point I should back up a bit and introduce myself.  Hi…my name is Tanya.  I live in Canada.  That might explain why we like to travel.  It is cold here for most of the year and I love nothing more than getting away from snow and laying on a beach.

I didn’t always love to travel…mostly because as a child, we didn’t travel.  My parents are not the travelling kind.  The farthest I had ever gone was over the border in the United States to do “back to school” shopping!   When I tell people one of Richard and I’s first dates, they laugh.  I mean, I had been on some weird dates before (one boyfriend took me to a cemetery) but I had never been one place and I asked him to take me.  So we packed up the car for a little day trip and he took me straight to the….airport.  I just wanted to see it and luckily he liked me enough to keep up with my quirks!  I guess you could say that was when I knew he was a keeper!