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I Dream of this Cake…

This cake is amazing…and it is easy!  This one is a huge family favorite.

Here is what you will need:

For cake:        1 yellow cake mix

                       1 box instant vanilla pudding

                        4 eggs

                         1/2 cup milk or water

                         1/2 cup vegetable oil

                         1/2 cup amber rum

For Glaze:         1 cup butter

                          2 cups sugar

                          1/2 cup water

                          1 cup amber rum

So first you find your bundt pan.  You are going to want to butter and flour it so the cake comes out easily.  Then set that aside and heat your oven to 350 degrees F. 

Now you want to find a large bowl and mix together the cake mix, pudding mix and 4 eggs.

I know…I have a defective egg…or was it a defective chicken?  I am not sure…anyway, at this point you will want to add the milk (or water), the oil and the rum.

Now we just want to mix it for about 3 minutes with our mixer to get the lumps out. 

You will have to excuse my dark pictures, it was already dark out when I decided to do a little baking!

Ok, so now you’re ready to put it in the bundt pan and bake away.  This is will take an hour in a 350 degree oven.  When it comes out…it will look like this

And it will smell amazing!  You will be sad you have to wait longer.  Let it sit in the pan for 15 minutes while you make the glaze, then flip it out onto your plate of choice and poke holes in the top with a fork. 

Ok, onto the glaze…I did not take pictures of the process.  It is a two hands kinda deal!  You will need to melt the butter in a saucepan.  Then add the sugar, water and rum and bring to a boil.  Reduce to a simmer and stir constantly while it simmers for about 5 minutes.  Basically this is to burn off all the alcohol and just leave the great taste.  I know many people add in a shot of rum at the end to give the cake a little “kick”.   When it is done, I pour half of the glaze in the empty bundt pan.

I then put the cake back in the pan and let the cake soak up the first half of the glaze.  When it is all soaked up, flip the cake back out on your plate and continue to brush or pour the glaze over the cake.

The glaze soaks in making for the most moist cake ever.  Everyone here actually enjoys it more the next day after the cake has had more time to soak the glaze and flavor!  Make this next time you have a get together and I promise you will not be disappointed!!

This cake never stays around for very long around here!   Happy Baking!

Substitutions:  My sister-in-law makes her rum cakes with chopped walnuts on the top….she puts them in the bottom of the bundt pan and pours the batter on top.  If you are lactose intolerant…like my mother….you could use water in the cake instead of the milk and I imagine that margarine would work in the glaze if it had too!!  I have also experimented with coconut rum and it was delicious.  I used coconut rum instead of amber and I also added coconut to the cake batter as well.  Another option is using a chocolate cake mix, it has been done and many people liked it, but it was not my personal favorite.