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My husband once put his butt through his parents basement wall.  It was innocent enough (he tells me) and him and a bunch of buddies got together when his parents were gone to Las Vegas (remember this later!)  They were goofing around and he managed to get himself tackled into the wall.  Now back in those days I find there was a lot more respect for the position of parent and for the parent’s things…such as the wall.  Well Richard being responsible rounded up a few of those friends the next day and actually tried to repair their mess.  He also called his parents to let them know right away what had happened…I commented that he was smart to give them time to cool off!

Now we fast forward some 24 years and his daughter, who is just like him, decided to have a small get together with her friends….while we were in Las Vegas.  See where I am going with this!!  Such similarities!  Now she didn’t call me, but she did make sure the house was clean when I got home.  And it would have been no big deal until I went to dust my brand new coffee table the other day.  When I called her up and quizzed her about it, she had no idea the carving was there and she was mad.  She told me today that she thought her friends had more respect than that…I said I wish they would have.  Because there on my new table is a carving…not an accidental dent…an actual carving….of a swastika.  Who does that????   I must say, I was a little irate as was Richard.  What kind of teenager goes to a friend’s house and does that?  Where has all the respect gone?