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Best Friends

The one thing I have discovered as I have aged is how important it is to have good friends.  After you graduate and move on, sometimes these friendships fade away.  I met my husband when I was 19, he had two daughters already.  So while I moved in and started to “parent”, my best friends went to university for years, got jobs, and moved in totally different directions.  I still try to see them and I am glad that when I do, it is like nothing ever changed.  There is still lots of conversation, lots of laughs and I always leave feeling like there was a reason that we were all friends.  I always find myself going too long between visits….people are busy, kids have a ton of activities and sometimes we truly forget to take care of some very important relationships. 

I had a little surprise 40th birthday party for Richard this weekend.  On a long shot, I called up his college roommate who we haven’t seen for at least 6 years.  You want to know that true sign of friendship??  He calls me back the day of the party, after just getting my message, and says no matter what….he will be there.  He got his girlfriend and her daughter and they drove 2 hours to spend the night with Richard.  And when he got there…it was like they had never spent any time apart.