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Backing up a bit.

So I figured that at some point I should back up a bit and introduce myself.  Hi…my name is Tanya.  I live in Canada.  That might explain why we like to travel.  It is cold here for most of the year and I love nothing more than getting away from snow and laying on a beach.

I didn’t always love to travel…mostly because as a child, we didn’t travel.  My parents are not the travelling kind.  The farthest I had ever gone was over the border in the United States to do “back to school” shopping!   When I tell people one of Richard and I’s first dates, they laugh.  I mean, I had been on some weird dates before (one boyfriend took me to a cemetery) but I had never been one place and I asked him to take me.  So we packed up the car for a little day trip and he took me straight to the….airport.  I just wanted to see it and luckily he liked me enough to keep up with my quirks!  I guess you could say that was when I knew he was a keeper!

Why we love to travel…

Alberta in December

This picture was taken about 10 minutes from my house in Alberta, Canada.  Looks cold doesn’t it?  I think so too.  Some people criticize us for travelling so much and I always have a difficult time explaining why we get away as often as we can.  Well this picture about sums it all up.  Canada is a great country, but the climate sucks!