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Crazy or Adventurous??

Back in the day when C was 4 and the girls were 12 and 13, we got a crazy idea to go to Vegas.  Richard and I had been before and we were excited to show the kids.  But we just didn’t want to fly in.  We had 2 weeks for holidays that spring and we decided to drive.  For 21 hours.  I had so much fun using google to map out our route, trying to find fun and interesting things to see on the way.  One of the places we stopped was St. George, Utah.  It was beautiful!  We actually liked it so much that we stayed an extra night there just so we could look around.  One of the main attractions close to St. Goerge is Zion National Park.  We spent almost an entire day there, driving through and stopping for short hikes and picture breaks.  I highly recommend to anyone to do road trips like these with your kids.  We made sure to take 3 days to do the drive and stoppped plenty of times to find playgrounds and park areas.  At the time we went, C was still trached and on nighttime oxygen, so we had the back of the truck packed full!  Along with an emergency tracheostomy kit, an oxygen concentrator, a night time humidty machine and all the tubing that goes with these machines, we had a bit of a stop at the border.  Then suitcases for us, C, and two teenage girls!!  The border patrol guard wasn’t sure if he should unload everything and search or not!!  Thank goodness he didn’t! 

Onto Vegas, the kids loved it!  All the lights and action….even C who was only 4 at the time, loved everything.  I imagine the Hoover Dam was probably the most boring part of the trip for all of them…Richard loved it.  So to reward the kids for putting up with one “boring” afternoon, we took them to Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Botanical Gardens.  The tour of the factory and the gardens is free and on weekdays you can be pleasantly surprised to get free samples!  And they were really really good.   They also have a store where you can purchase chocolates as well.  The kids definitely loved this one! 

Many people think that taking kids to Las Vegas is crazy, but there are so many things to do!  We never had a dull moment while we were there, there is always something to do in Vegas! 

I have found lots of links about road trip planning.  Do a little research, there are tons of resources!  Here are just a few I have found…