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As I sit in my office staring out my office window, I wonder how we could possibly get any more snow.  It is like a complete repeat of our weather a couple of weeks ago.  The roads are drifted with snow…I feel sorry for our snowplow drivers.  They are putting in some major hours.  One can only hope that they feel appreciated for keeping us all safe. 

We were blessed with a few warmer days last week and we took advantage of it!  The kids had no school Thursday and Friday so Cody and I went outside to build some snowmen! 

This is his snowman that he built to pump his sister’s gas into her car.  His Dad and him also built a big sledding hill with the tractor, so while it was nice we tried that out too!!

Now it is cold again and we are back inside.  🙁   I told my sister today that I would rather be sitting on a beach with a suit full of sand than sitting inside watching the snow fall around me.  Come on summer!!