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I am thinking of a friend today.  She is a wonderful friend, she is sweet and kind.  She is a mother of three beautiful children and a wife.  She is beautiful in every way and would do anything for anyone.  She loves deeply and hurts just as deeply when things go wrong.  And this friend and I have never met. 

I used to frequent a site on the internet called tracheostomy.com for obvious reasons.  I found solace there that I was not alone in the trach world.  I wanted…no….needed to find out that we were not the only ones.  Being a trach parent is sometimes a lonely place…friends you once thought you had seem to disappear overnight.  No one knows what to say or how to act so they just do nothing and fade into the background.   This website joined me up with other mothers and fathers that were facing the same everyday struggles and joys that we were facing.  It was here that I met Lisa.  She had given birth to twins and while the girl twin was doing great, her little boy struggled and eventually ended up with a trach.  She would frequent the site with questions or to celebrate a success and one day she mentioned the hospital they went to.  I messaged her right away and found that not only did we go to the same hospital, but we also had the exact same ENT doctor. 

And now…she is in the very same spot that we were in only 3 short years ago.  On April 6 they go for their “spring” bronch to find out if their little boy is ready for surgery to get his trach out.  I remember that exact day…sitting in the waiting room watching the second hands ticking on the clock.  Waiting for the doctor to come in and tell you one way or another if you were going to go another year with a trach.  I remember the anxiety, wanting this not just for yourself, but for your son, so that he could play in the sand and go swimming with his sisters!  How I would sit and daydream about what holidays would be like not having to have medical notes and oxygen tanks and scissors in case your son stopped breathing and you had to change the trach.  I pray for Lisa and her family that April 6 will be a day for celebration….they deserve it!  Please pray that by next summer Gage will be trach free and splashing in the family pool with his mother sitting on the deck drinking a martini…ok fine…a slush from 7-11!!

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