Well I said I was going to go and we did.  I had heard amazing reviews of Serendipity3 in Vegas.  On the second day of being there, Richard and I decided to head down the strip and check it out.  We parked our car at Sahara…let’s be honest…the strip is nice but really long!!  I hate to say, but I wanted to get my frozen hot chocolate and not burn all the calories walking back!! 

Serendipity3 is located right along the strip in front of Caesar’s Palace.  It is in a very neat little sitting area with plenty of tables and chairs outside as well as an indoor restaurant.  When we got there we noticed it was very busy.  A wedding had half the restaurant booked, so the wait time to get in was 1.5 hours.  We decided to take advantage of their “take out” window on the side of the building.  There was quite a line, so I stood there and Richard grabbed an outdoor table.  I am not sure of the cause of the long wait, but I did stand in line for about 30 minutes before I was finally served.  I know the lady in front of me was quite angry, but I guess I figured it was just frozen hot chocolate….if you don’t like the wait….leave.  I however was willing to wait it out so I could report back to you guys!!  Wouldn’t want to disappoint!! 

When I finally reached the window I ordered a frozen hot chocolate, a vanilla chilla and a small diet coke….$27.00!!  I about choked on my own tongue…handed over my money and headed off to enjoy my treat.  I will say however…it was good.  I was not a fan of the vanilla chilla….it just didn’t seem to have enough vanilla for me.  The frozen hot chocolate was delightful…like a fudgesicle in a cup!  It came with whipped cream and dark chocolate chunks on the top…very yummy!

If you guys want my honest opinion and I am betting you do…I probably wouldn’t pay that much, or stand in line that long again…for frozen hot chocolate.  Very good…but probably a one time thing!

Vegas: Highlight Reel

Since our last post was on the ziplining down Fremont Street, I will start there with our Vegas highlight reel.  Each day I will highlight one thing we did while in Las Vegas. 

We decided to head down to Fremont Street on Sunday afternoon. Because the NASCAR races were last weekend, we figured that it would be busy!  And it was…the guy doing the harnessing at the zipline told us that Saturday had been a record breaking day for them.  Apparently they had put through about 1375 people that day and people were waiting up to 1.5 hours on Saturday night for their turn to fly down Fremont Street. 

It turns out that Sunday afternoon was perfect timing, we found their office conveniently located just below the starting point of the zipline.  We went in, filled out a short waiver form, the lady weighed us and up we went in the elevator.  We waited in a short line, probably about 10 min, and then we were harnessed and waited to be called up on the platform.  It moves fairly quickly as they put 4 people down at a time.  When it was our turn, we moved up to the platform where they checked our harnesses and attached us to the cables.  Once we were on our way, it went pretty quickly, but it was fun!  A very neat experience if you have never been before or even if you have!  Once you get unattached, you get the harness off, pose for a picture and you head downstairs where they have pictures you can purchase of your whole ride down the cable.  The pictures were a bit pricey, $20 for the first one and $5 for each additional picture.  Richard and I left the pictures as we both ended up ziplining down backwards most of the way…

If you are looking for something fun and different to do while you are in Vegas, this is definitely something to consider.  For $15 for daytime rides per person and $20 for rides after dark, this is for sure something that is affordable for the whole family.  We did ask about age and size and the lady told us that children can go but have to be at least 60 pounds and anyone under 18 has to have a signature from their legal parent or guardian.  This is definitely a family approved activity!

Las Vegas – Fremont Street

Further to Tanya’s post in the “Loving Life” section of this website, we have found several new things you can do in Las Vegas.  For $15 – $20 you can ride the zip line over Fremont Street under the canopy of lights. I have been zip lining in Costa Rica before, which I am sure is no real comparison, but it still looks like fun. The zip line is 67 feet above the street dropping down to as low as 14 feet. You will be going between 25 and 30 mph fro about 800 feet.

Here is the video from their website.

You can visit their website for more details by clicking here.

Cheap car rentals…

Family travel can get expensive with hotel, meals and car rentals, so it makes sense to save money where ever you can. Here is a money saving tip anyone can take advantage of to save a few dollars when renting a car.

I tend to use Priceline for most of my travel bookings, but I have found that often you can get a better deal on car rentals using I usually check the price listed on Hotwire and then go to Priceline and bid a few dollars lower and see what happens. If my bid is rejected on Priceline I will book the car using Hotwire.

Click the link below for a quick video demonstrating how it’s done.

Video too small? Click Here