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Las Vegas – Fremont Street

Further to Tanya’s post in the “Loving Life” section of this website, we have found several new things you can do in Las Vegas.  For $15 – $20 you can ride the zip line over Fremont Street under the canopy of lights. I have been zip lining in Costa Rica before, which I am sure is no real comparison, but it still looks like fun. The zip line is 67 feet above the street dropping down to as low as 14 feet. You will be going between 25 and 30 mph fro about 800 feet.

Here is the video from their website.

You can visit their website for more details by clicking here.

Cheap car rentals…

Family travel can get expensive with hotel, meals and car rentals, so it makes sense to save money where ever you can. Here is a money saving tip anyone can take advantage of to save a few dollars when renting a car.

I tend to use Priceline for most of my travel bookings, but I have found that often you can get a better deal on car rentals using I usually check the price listed on Hotwire and then go to Priceline and bid a few dollars lower and see what happens. If my bid is rejected on Priceline I will book the car using Hotwire.

Click the link below for a quick video demonstrating how it’s done.

Video too small? Click Here