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Vegas: Highlight Reel

Since our last post was on the ziplining down Fremont Street, I will start there with our Vegas highlight reel.  Each day I will highlight one thing we did while in Las Vegas. 

We decided to head down to Fremont Street on Sunday afternoon. Because the NASCAR races were last weekend, we figured that it would be busy!  And it was…the guy doing the harnessing at the zipline told us that Saturday had been a record breaking day for them.  Apparently they had put through about 1375 people that day and people were waiting up to 1.5 hours on Saturday night for their turn to fly down Fremont Street. 

It turns out that Sunday afternoon was perfect timing, we found their office conveniently located just below the starting point of the zipline.  We went in, filled out a short waiver form, the lady weighed us and up we went in the elevator.  We waited in a short line, probably about 10 min, and then we were harnessed and waited to be called up on the platform.  It moves fairly quickly as they put 4 people down at a time.  When it was our turn, we moved up to the platform where they checked our harnesses and attached us to the cables.  Once we were on our way, it went pretty quickly, but it was fun!  A very neat experience if you have never been before or even if you have!  Once you get unattached, you get the harness off, pose for a picture and you head downstairs where they have pictures you can purchase of your whole ride down the cable.  The pictures were a bit pricey, $20 for the first one and $5 for each additional picture.  Richard and I left the pictures as we both ended up ziplining down backwards most of the way…

If you are looking for something fun and different to do while you are in Vegas, this is definitely something to consider.  For $15 for daytime rides per person and $20 for rides after dark, this is for sure something that is affordable for the whole family.  We did ask about age and size and the lady told us that children can go but have to be at least 60 pounds and anyone under 18 has to have a signature from their legal parent or guardian.  This is definitely a family approved activity!